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About the DJs


In 2018, Sefa discovered Bachata in his home country of Turkey. His passion grew over the years as a dancer into a beloved DJ in the local Vancouver scene. With the heart of the community as his focus, Sefa has organized events such as the popular Sunset Bachata Socials in addition to his sets at Baza Dance Studios. Recently Sefa has DJ'd alongside world-class Bachata DJ Tony at the Vancouver Bachata Sensual Weekend.

Sefa's ultimate aspiration is to spread joy and witness more smiling faces lighting up the dance floor.

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DJ JB (Jeff) is an up and coming DJ hailing from the far distant land of Seattle, Washington. As a dancer and DJ duo, he has strong appreciation for musicality and knows what dancers look for (or listen for) on the floor. With Seattle's strong Bachata Sensual scene as his foundations the musical conduction will keep you dancing all night long. 

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