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Welcome to Bachata Level Up

All things Bachata: Classes, Workshops, Special Events

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1. A Passion for Dance

Jorelle and Monica are Vancouver bachata artists, teachers and dancers. Jorelle discovered bachata in 2016 and immediately felt at home in this dance's rhythm and musicality. He met Monica on the social dance floor in 2018, when  she first started her bachata journey. They have traveled wide and far to learn from the most renown bachata artists around the world, and through their hard work and dedication to this dance art form they became the artists they are today.

Jorelle and Monica started teaching together in late 2019 and have been honing their skills ever since. Having come from the ballroom (Jorelle) and ballet (Monica) backgrounds, they both find freedom of self-expression and playful musicality in the world of Latin dance. Their style embodies gracefulness, creative musical interpretation, and vivid dance connection, both to the songs and to each other.

2. Unity through the Bachata Vancouver Community

Unity through the Bachata Vancouver Community.

Bachata Vancouver reflects our local community of various bachata dancers. This is a group of diverse individuals united by their passion for Bachata, no matter their dance experience, age, gender, occupation, or other hobbies. We come together to practice, to learn, to share our love for bachata music, and to grow together as dancers - and hopefully friends.

3. Level Up

Jorelle & Monica have always been eager to share their passion and love for Bachata, from its origins in the Dominican Republic to it's blooming sensual style from Spain. This gave them the idea for their Level Up Weekenders with intenational artists. They find the best people around the world and bring them to our local community, to give us exactly the push we need to become better - and bringing a fun dance party along with it!

In Jorelle and Monica's own words:

"Our goal is to bring the city together through this beautiful dance, to bring artists and their talents to you, and to share our knowledge and passion with you all."

Check out the upcoming event, and stay tuned for more dance adventures planned for you!

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